Feedback Friday


Today’s Feedback Friday is from an IJL Seattle male client who just went on his second IJL date. This was his experience:

“It went really well! It was a pleasant evening. She was attractive, intelligent and a great conversationalist. I liked that she is a successful business woman and a stable mother. I’m really pleased with this date and I’m excited to get to know her more!”

-IJL Seattle male client, age 68

This client was previously married 30 years, so his experience goes to show that you can find romance and a connection at any life stage!

Happy Dating!

-Your It’s Just Lunch Seattle Matchmaker,




Staff Obsessions: Where To Eat On Broadway


Oh Broadway. It’s packed with hip and trendy boutiques, new condos, great restaurants and bars and a bunch of other spots you undoubtably have to check out. The unending allure of Broadway in Seattle’s trendy Capitol Hill has since been highlighted and, arguably, enhanced by the newly-finished light rail system. So if there was ever a time to go ahead and venture over to Broadway street, it’s now. It’s easily Seattle’s most iconic street, so instead of heading straight to Pike/ Pine, check out some of the below spots on Broadway first!


The dishes range from steaming bowls of buckwheat noodles to steamed buns filled with braised beef tendon, and Ma Po Doufu, a pork stew, and tofu, which means there is something for everyone to enjoy ☺ This is a Sichaun spot that Jerry Traunfeld opened right next door to Poppy. If you don’t know about Jerry, you must…


Jerry Traunfeld is known as chef at the amazing Herbfarm in Woodinville, where he has made an art of Indian-inspired dishes using Northwest ingredients. Stop by this sweet staffed, enthusiastically colored restaurant and try one of the daily Thalis (for less than $30, will get you a half-dozen constantly changing delicacies as well as the best naan, oven-baked flatbread, in the city)!

Ha Na

Try this spot if you are craving a great fish spot with fresh sushi. It is almost always full of locals who appreciate that it’s a little cheaper than Cap Hill’s other raw seafood joints. It’s also a favorite for locals since it has been posted up in the unique Broadway Alley building forever, it includes a little piece of Seattle history as well.

Dilettante Mocha Café

Try it for a sweet treat, this cafe features a newer version of the local chocolate producer’s flagship location (which was on Broadway from 1975-2008). It features the same delicious mochas and desserts as the older places, but has added a full menu as well as a sleek martini bar, which includes a Mexican chocolate drink, hazelnut espresso, and also a version infused with cayenne pepper.

Happy exploring and, as always, happy dating!

-Your It’s Just Lunch Seattle Matchmaker,

Taylor Name

Dating Tip Tuesday: What You Absolutely Should Never Say On A First Date


We’re all about communication, honesty and a willingness to be boldly transparent when you’re on a date. After all, how are you going to build a potentially long-lasting relationship with someone, if you have your figurative walls up? Being open with someone – and being willing to share certain aspects of yourself, your life, your goals, your possible future – is a pivotal part of the dating process.

However, there are some things you absolutely just shouldn’t say on a first date. Even if they’re true; even if they’re completely accurate and you would be 100% forthright in your confession; there are just some things that are either A) better left unsaid, or B) Never said at all.

So, with that in mind, here are just a few things that you should never, absolutely ever, say on a first date:

“I just finished cyber-stalking my ex.”

Just, don’t. Don’t. Even if you’re still having a difficult time completely letting go of your ex-husband/wife/significant other/lover/whoever, don’t admit to it. Don’t let your date know that while they’re going on about their favorite movies, you’re thinking about what your ex is doing and who they’re doing it with. Does it take time to get over a relationship? Of course, sometimes it really does and sometimes it is completely warranted. Just, you know, put on a brave face and don’t admit to it on a first date.

“I’m finished with my antibiotics in about 2-3 days.”

If the antibiotics are for a serious cold, you shouldn’t be on a date in the first place! If the antibiotics are for a sexually transmitted disease, well hey, stuff happens and we’re so very glad that you’re being safe and treating your symptoms and yes, talking about safe sex and disclosing any potential issues with a future partner is vital; but not on a first date. Not unless, of course, you plan on having sex on a first date. But if you aren’t and your “issue” is going to be cleared up in a few days, there’s honestly no point. Keep your burning loins, to yourself.

“My period is almost over.”

Again, periods aren’t “gross” and there’s no reason any woman should feel ashamed of a very natural bodily function, but there are some natural bodily functions that just don’t need to be discussed on a first date, at the dinner table while cocktails are being consumed and appetizers are being served.

“I slept with our server. I hope that’s not weird.”

There’s honestly just no reason to be divulging you sexual past to someone on a first date. They shouldn’t be asking, and you really don’t need to be willingly telling. A) that’s no one’s business and B) we can’t tell you that going down the list of past sexual encounters makes for great first date conversation.

We definitely encourage an open line of communication between you and your date, and that is best established through honesty and a willingness to open up and share. Just, you know, don’t open up and share too much.

Happy Dating!

-Your It’s Just Lunch Matchmakers,


Feedback Friday


Today’s Feedback Friday is from an IJL Seattle male client who just had his first date. He was a little hesitant going in about what to expect, but this is what he had to say afterwards:

“She was very nice and cool, good personality, gorgeous girl, smart and easy conversation. The time flew and we exchanged numbers at the end. I already asked her out again and we’re planning to get together next week. You guys did really well!”

-IJL male client, 47 

Trusting us with your dating life can be a big leap of faith, but you’ll never know unless you jump in with both feet – the journey is what makes the end result worth it!

Happy Dating!

-Your It’s Just Lunch Seattle Matchmaker,